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Do you have a large following and looking to take your instagram influence to the next level?  Looking to land a hair company contract since everyone ALWAYS asks you about your hair?  Want to use your instagram influence to make some $$$?! Fill out the contact form to have us look at your accounts to see if you qualify for our Brand Ambassador Program!

Startup requires for your social media profiles to be LIT!  The minimum accepted is 10k followers via Instagram and you must have ACTIVE FOLLOWERS! Let's face it! People can easily buy followers, so we really look into your likes and comments to make sure your influence is legit.

Terms and Conditions:

-Must post on your social media accounts regularly

-Must exclusively wear Monroe Mobb hair extensions for the amount of time your contract is valid for (we come to an agreement on those details once it's decided that you're a good fit)

-Provide your coupon code in the caption so your followers/friends receive 10% off when they order.  Once your code has generated $1500 in sales, YOU GET PAID. It is very important to share your coupon code.  It is the only way to keep track of your sales.  This can be extremely lucrative depending on how much your followers look to you for style inspiration.

The first step is EASY! Simply fill out the contact form and Monroe Mobb will come take a look at your social accounts.

Once approved you will receive everything you need to start including your FREE HAIR!!!

Now we will check out your IG!

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