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Hair Crack is a handmade scalp topical cream that helps to remove build up from the scalp.  Build up on the scalp is one of the main causes for slowed hair growth.  In addition to removing build up, Hair Crack contains properties that increases blood flow to the scalp and achieve the maximum growth that your follicles can achieve.
*Hair Crack cannot create more follicles for you, therefore if all of your follicles are healthy and active you will not get thicker hair. 
*If your follicles have completely shut down as far as alopecia, Hair Crack does not reawaken them.
*Hair Crack is for those experiencing breakage, hair loss due to stress, slow hair growth, scalp damage that has not ruined your follicles, and people experiences excessive shedding

Hair Crack

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price